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Build photos of production work

Little Name Design Lunchbox Prototype

I was approached by a designer from New Jersey to help her create new versions of these foldable wooden children’s lunch boxes.  Her site is little name design.  The original lunch boxes were sourced over seas.  Now she is looking to have them produced here in the States with a new look.  I have done three new prototypes, exploring new hardware on each.  She will be displaying these this coming weekend at the Playtime New York Expo along with other products.


Glass Blower Pedestal Build

One of the great advantages to working in a space like 3rd Ward is the ability to easily collaborate with other artists.  Andrew Erdos is a glass blower with his own studio space in the same building as 3rd Ward.  A few months ago he asked me to make him 5 pedestals to display his work.  This has now become a regular occurrence and the gallery below takes you thru the build of a pedestal that will reside in a collectors house in Miami.

This pedestal is unique because it will be recessed into a wall and the front panel is on latches that allow it to be opened and access gained to the tv and lights that are housed within.  This build also involved a secondary pedestal to hold the flat screen tv horizontal, which is an integral part of the whole work.  It’s a great privilege to make a simple piece that is fully incorporated into the overall aesthetic and structure of another artists piece.  These installations are quite amazing and if you can you should check them out in person.




Dovetail Companion Box Build

I recently completed a very sentimental project for a client.  These four, small companion boxes will act as urns.  They are made from an old piece of black cherry I have had in my possession for nearly 5 years.  They measure 6″ x 4″ x 3″ and are dovetailed together.  The tops have been laser etched off site with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover art work and the name and dates of the deceased.  They are finished with a natural danish oil, inside and out.



Pop Chart Lab Frame Build

This album contains pictures of the build of the 100 frames for  When doing production work, planning and having a written manual of the build process is very important. I like to write out and “build” the piece on paper before even touching wood.  I had the opportunity to do a prototype of these frames allowing me to write the manual for the build accurately and be able to work around any problem techniques or cuts.  I can also exam process and choose a faster technique for a certain cut to save more time.