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Custom Built-in work

Walnut Veneered Shelving Unit

This massive shelving unit will end up in a Wall Street apartment.  It consists of a square shelving unit that will house a TV and components, faux wall column cover and 6 floating shelves.  It has been a while since I last used veneer and a vacuum bag and it was just as fun as I remembered.  Hardware to affix to the wall is in the works while the glass for the three doors is being fabricated.  Shouldn’t be long now.



Radiator finishing

Gearing up for the install tomorrow, March 15th, the gallery below details the finishing and hardware installation of the radiator cover.  This might be the nicest radiator cover in the tri-state area.  Install pics to come after the weekend.



Open up the hatches

After using a CNC router bit in a trim router and setting a nice, crisp 1/16″ heavy door gap, it was time to cut the hatches out completely for the custom radiator covers.  It was a chance to use a brand new tool though I had used a version of it previously while building boats in Annapolis.  It is the Porter-Cable version of the FEIN multi tool.  It’s really amazing and so versatile, I don’t know how people get along without when doing on site installations.  Its small enough to get into very tight spaces and sports a plethora of blade attachments to accomplish any task.  Anyway, hatches are out, some clean up left, edge banding and routing the louvres next.


Master Bedroom Radiator Cover

This gallery covers the build of a 17′ long radiator cover for a master bedroom in a Brooklyn apartment.  The client’s kitchen has oak veneered doors and they wanted to carry that into the rest of the furniture.  The cover will be made and delivered in three pieces and assembled on site.  In order to have access to the radiators in case of major service, they will be screwed together from the inside.  There are also five hatches across the top, three of which will be storage access.  More photos to follow as the build progresses.



E. 73rd Street Built-in Closet Build

This closet project was brought to me by a client who already had plans drawn.  It was a welcome change of pace to work off existing drawings by a great architectural firm.  The client also happend to be a family friend and its nice to see people enjoy your work on a daily basis.  I also did all the finish for this project utilizing the amazing spray facilities at 3rd Ward.  Finished pictures here on the portfolio page.