Table Adjustments

The client was moving and needed this table resized to fit the new apartment. It was originally built by a friend of the client.  The main goal was to cut down the width which was a simple table saw technique.  Cutting down the length was a bit trickier because of the box joints.  I cut down the actual top on both ends evenly and then scribed the box joints from the legs back on and recut them to fit.  This also required the metal under structure to be cut and re-welded.  The two bench seats also had to be resized, requiring new half lap joints to be cut.  I then also added new metal brackets to the leg joints to ensure their strength.  I used plugs to cover the bolts that were in the top and reset all the metal trim to be flush to the wood surfaces.

I in no way take credit for the design but can always build a similar table to spec.