The Furniture Project – Boston, MA

The Furniture Project is a unique group of furniture makers that are in their third year of putting on a juried show during the New England Home Show at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA.  This years creative category was Chest on Stand and I was entered into the show because of  my walnut chest on stand piece.  I was also able to show the sideboard and my upholstered chair.  Among the notable makers there, Tom MacDonald of Rough Cut on PBS was there and offering his advice and critiques to all the exhibitors.  It was a tremendous experience meeting contemporaries; seeing what they were making and designing.  There were many notable makers there, such as Phil Lowe and Glen Gaurino.

There were two exciting moments during the weekend.  The best being the sale of the upholstered chair.  It was my first sale in a gallery setting and it was invigorating to know someone appreciated my design and craftsmanship to want to own an original piece of mine.  The other news was the chest on stand winning the People’s Choice Award for the weekend.  These two events have opened up some old design ideas and I am very excited for the BRKLYN Designs show in May.  I hope to have one or two new pieces made exploring new designs and iterations of these pieces.

There was a professional photographer there and once the pictures become available, I will post a link.  Enjoy what I have below and thanks for the support.